Business model workshop

Get a fresh perspective on the way your business runs. During this workshop we’ll use the business model canvas, developed by Strategyzer, and apply it to your credit union, breaking down your operation into bite sized chunks, understanding how everything fits together so we can find ways to improve services, products and delivery methods

The business model canvas contains 9 building blocks which are applied to your business during the workshop so we can explore:

  • Customer segments: who are we trying to reach?

  • Customer relationships: what kind of conections are we establishing with our members?

  • Channels: how we will reach our target audience?

  • Resources: what will we do need to run the business?

  • Activities: what does the business do to benefit its customers?

  • Partnerships: who will we work with to deliver services?

  • Revenue: what are the costs and the options for earning income?

  • Value propositions: why do people choose your products and services?